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Latest FAR Module gives practical advice to reduce livestock emissions

31 January 2017

The Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) has announced the launch of its latest training module for the Feed Adviser Register (FAR). Module 3, Section 2 will highlight practical ways that feed advisers can help to reduce emissions on farms. It builds on information gained in FAR Module 3, Section 1.

Inge Verwoerd, Technical Manager for Feed and FAR at AIC, said: “One of the main drivers behind the launch of the Feed Adviser Register in 2013 was the need to develop a channel to deliver information on greenhouse gas reduction to livestock producers. At that time there was no single recognised form of training and accreditation for feed advisers.

“We now have more that 1,100 feed advisers, who work for businesses ranging from major companies to independents, registered with the scheme, and the Register continues to grow. By developing online training resources, we have been able to deliver consistent training across the UK for all sectors including cattle, pigs, poultry and sheep. This latest part of Module 3 will enable advisers to really make a difference to greenhouse gas emissions from livestock units, and in time achieve significant reductions across the industry.”

FAR Module 3, Section 1 provided an overview of environmental policy. Module 3, Section 2 includes awareness of soil nutrient content, manure application and storage, livestock housing, and nutrient balances on farm. Further helpful tools and guidance are available to feed advisers via a ‘useful link sheet’ which is in addition to the online training.

Members of FAR are required to study the training modules and demonstrate their competency through online validation on an annual basis. More information about the Feed Adviser Register can be found at www.feedadviserregister.org.uk - along with the FAR Status Checker, which enables livestock producers and other interested parties to check that their advisers are members of the Register.


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