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FAR aims to reduce livestock emissions through latest training Module

16 April 2018

The Feed Adviser Register (FAR) run by the Agricultural Industries Confederation has launched its latest training module – Module 4 – which focusses on how nutrition and general livestock management can reduce environmental emissions.

The Module is split into two sections featuring five presentations by leading experts. Module 4 Section 1 includes two on ruminants covering phosphorus and methane, and one on monogastrics dealing with phosphorus. Later in the year Section 2 will be launched to address nitrogen in ruminants and nitrogen in monogastrics.

To maintain their membership of the Feed Adviser Register, Members must study the appropriate presentations and then answer i-validation questions. Feed Advisers have six months from the launch to complete Module 4, Section 1.

The Feed Adviser Register now has over 1100 feed advisers spread across the UK and the Republic of Ireland, covering ruminants and monogastrics.

Inge Verwoerd, AIC Technical Manager for Feed and FAR (Feed Adviser Register) said: β€œThe challenge of reducing environmental emissions from livestock was one of the main reasons for launching FAR in 2013. FAR ensures that information is reaching feed advisers and livestock farmers and appropriate measures are taken on farm. Module 4 is critical to increasing knowledge on the subject among feed advisers and farmers and reducing emissions from livestock in the future.”


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