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AIC Services will be providing a periodic newsletter to keep registered advisers up to date with the registers latest development.


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Farmers and suppliers told to unite for best Brexit deal: 25 November 2016

AIC press coverage - Farmers Weekly - Johann Tasker
Thursday 24 November 2016 5:00

Feed Adviser Register members make a measurable difference: 5 July 2016

Pig World feature July 2016

FAR in Poultry World (soapbox) : 4 July 2016

Soapbox Inge Verwoerd - Benefits of feed advice accreditation
Seek a registered adviser when sourcing poultry feed

FAR delivering results for livestock producers - Farmers Guardian: 3 May 2016

Farmers Guardian article 29-4-16

FAR Farmer Information: 4 February 2016

This leaflet has been designed to introduce and explain FAR to the farmer and provide some background into why and how FAR was created.

Feed-a-Gene: 19 October 2015

Animal production is constantly facing new challenges. Increasing productivity and efficiency have been key issues. This creates a unique opportunity to implement changes in the livestock production chain.

Better feed advice by FAR

Better feed advice by FAR: 1 October 2015

‘Use a member of the Feed Adviser Register (FAR) for greater feed efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions’ – is the message being promoted to UK livestock farmers.

Responsibility not to market products that exceed Maximum Permitted Levels (MPLs): 6 August 2015

Many feed additives, in particular trace elements and vitamins A and D3, have legally defined Maximum Permitted Levels (MPLs) for reasons of animal, consumer or environmental safety. These MPL’s are defined in the Register of Feed Additives.

Feed Adviser Register continuing to meet its objectives: 3 July 2015

The Feed Adviser Register (FAR) continues to meet its overall objectives, according to AIC Services Managing Director John Kelley. The Register, which was launched two year ago in May has nearly 1200 members and the vast majority of these have already completed their core competencies in the first two training modules.

Make AgriBusiness 2016 a Date for Your Diary in November : 2 July 2015

‘Be sure you put November 11th – the date for AgriBusiness 2016, the agri-supply industry conference - in your diary.’ That’s the message from the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC).

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