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AIC Services will be providing a periodic newsletter to keep registered advisers up to date with the registers latest development.


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Agribusiness 2021 – Creating resilient and sustainable agri-food supply chains

Agribusiness 2021 – Creating resilient and sustainable agri-food supply chains: 15 July 2020

Agribusiness 2021 will move to an online conference this year to reflect the current working environment. The conference will go live on 11th November, with new digital features included to enhance this event.

AIC Services assurance schemes plan a phased return to on-site audits: 18 June 2020

AIC Services in conjunction with the certification bodies have led the agri-supply sector in adopting remote auditing during the COVID 19 pandemic. This method of auditing has proved to be a reliable way of auditing companies and has the support of various sectors of the agri-supply industry.

AIC appoints David Moss as new Technical Manager: 8 June 2020

The Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) has announced the appointment of David Moss as its new Technical Manager.

Feed Adviser Register to launch new online “Find a Feed Adviser Checker”: 3 June 2020

The Feed Adviser Register (FAR) is set to launch its new “Find a Feed Adviser Checker” on 8th June. This online checker is a new initiative by FAR, which will allow farmers to find nearby feed companies that employ registered feed advisers.

Feed Adviser Register launches first CPD training programme: 14 October 2019

The Feed Adviser Register (FAR) has launched its first programme of continuing professional development (CPD) which will enable registered feed advisers to maintain their status. Through an online training module, feed advisers will learn about feed additives, compliance and maximum permitted levels in order to deliver greater support on farm.

FAR helps move towards ‘zero carbon’ agriculture

FAR helps move towards ‘zero carbon’ agriculture: 23 May 2019

Farmers who call on the expertise of trained feed advisers can not only use nutrients efficiently, but also play their part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from their livestock thanks to the training provided over the past six years by the Feed Adviser Register (FAR). This is more important than ever as discussions about how to move towards a ‘zero carbon’ agriculture continue to develop.

BSE case confirmed in Scotland: 18 October 2018

The Scottish Government has today confirmed a single case of BSE in Aberdeenshire.

FAR aims to reduce livestock emissions through latest training Module: 16 April 2018

The Feed Adviser Register (FAR) run by the Agricultural Industries Confederation has launched its latest training module – Module 4 – which focusses on how nutrition and general livestock management can reduce environmental emissions.

Latest FAR Module gives practical advice to reduce livestock emissions: 31 January 2017

The Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) has announced the launch of its latest training module for the Feed Adviser Register (FAR). Module 3, Section 2 will highlight practical ways that feed advisers can help to reduce emissions on farms. It builds on information gained in FAR Module 3, Section 1.

Feed Adviser Register (FAR) Module 3, section 2 coming soon: 12 January 2017

The next training material for FAR Module 3 is due to be launched in the next couple of weeks. Module 3, section 2 will highlight the practical ways emissions can be reduced on farm and will build on the knowledge feed advisers have already gained by completing FAR Module 3, section 1.

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