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Feed Adviser Communication Group

We are in the process of setting up a Feed Adviser Communication Group. The aim of this group is to have a direct pool of volunteer feed advisers who feedback and comment on FAR related subjects. This group would communicate via email and phone and wouldn’t be required to meet up every few months in person.

What would we ask the feed advisers to feedback on?

Any relevant FAR topics which could include article publication, website improvement, better ways of working, FAR presentation content, or input into FAR publication updates and leaflets.

How would Feed Advisers be chosen?

Ideally we would want to have volunteer Feed Advisers from Scotland, N. Ireland, Wales and England who specialise in either pig, poultry, ruminants or diary.

How can I get involved?

We are still looking for Pig and Poultry Feed Advisers so if you are interested in getting involved please email sue.whittington@agindustries.org.uk with your name, area of expertise, geographical location in which you work, company you work for if applicable and what level of qualifications you have. Please also provide a brief summary of how you think FAR benefits the industry and how you feel you could support this group.

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