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You can browse the FAQs below or download the full FAR FAQs Update here.


What happens if I am not on the register?

The Feed Adviser Register is a voluntary scheme which is managed by the industry for the industry. Eventually it is anticipated that there will be consumer pull through for the provision of feed advice by registered feed advisers.

What qualifications do I need to get on the register?

A range of qualifications are accepted including a degree, PHD, masters, in-house or external training course/s in related subjects.

What was the reason for developing FAR and where is the pressure coming from?

The FAR was established in response to the Governments requirements to reduce the Greenhouse Gas emissions on farm. Under the Climate Change Act 2008, the UK Government is legally required to achieve an overall 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions fr... (Show More)

When are farmers going to ask for proof of FAR membership?

FAR is in its early stages and it will take time for the message to spread around. Feed Advisers have now been issued with identity cards enabling them to show proof of membership to farmers. It is hoped that in time taking feeding advice from a member of... (Show More)

Where is FAR going in the future?

This year, 2015, we will be focusing on environmental factors that affect the livestock farmer. We also want to build on the robustness of FAR, with documentation audits and i validation questions. 

Who does not need to be on the register?

Traders, shippers, forwarders and others that are not giving feeding management advice.

Will having staff on the register help my company?

Having advisers on the register will meet some of your company’s requirements under the Climate Change Act in reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the feed sector and also independently demonstrate that the sector is contributing to the sustaina... (Show More)

Will the barrier for getting on to the register be set too high?

No. It isn’t aimed at people who just have degrees and masters, but those who also have the appropriate in-house or external training.

Will the barrier for getting onto the register be set too low so as the register is meaningless?

A feed adviser register Working Group has been established from representatives of the feed sector and is working to produce a credible standard that evolves at a pace that meets the industry and Government’s requirements.

Will the register of Feed Advisers take away our competitive advantage on farm?

The concern is understandable, but existing schemes for agricultural advice have demonstrated this not to be the case. The requirements to join the Register are set at a pre-competitive level to address issues common to the whole sector. The Register&rsqu... (Show More)

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