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You can browse the FAQs below or download the full FAR FAQs Update here.


Are similar registers being set up in other countries around Europe?

Other leading European countries tend to have strict legislation in place to meet various emissions targets where risks are the highest.

Do I need to be on the register?

Yes, if you are responsible for designing animal feeds and feeding programs, providing feeding advice and/or preparing ration plans for pigs, poultry and ruminants.

How do I join the register?

You can join the register either by registering online or printing an application form from the website. You can also email or phone AIC.

How is FAR perceived at Government level?

Government are committed to Green House Gas reduction. If the Agriculture sector is taking their own positive steps to reduce these emissions, Government doesn’t have to spend time and money putting in place something which may not be the most suita... (Show More)

Is FAR suitable for the farmer?

If the farmer has completed the necessary core competencies, and other relevant paperwork then yes.

Now the scheme has been running for two years. What happens if I join now?

If you join now and are able to demonstrate the core competencies, you can join as a FULL member. If you aren’t able to complete the core competencies straight away you will receive a development card and have up to one year to complete the core com... (Show More)

We are already contributing to reducing environmental emissions (including carbon) through Climate Change Agreements and Pollution Prevention Control Regulations.

That is indeed true. However that only covers the production of feed and Defra has identified knowledge transfer as a key element in reducing GHG emissions. The feed industry through imparting best practice with respect to animal nutrition, embracing feed... (Show More)

What are other sectors of the supply trade doing to address the GAGAP?

Other sectors can already demonstrate via entities such as BASIS and FACTS that they are contributing to professional development and knowledge transfer with respect to reducing the carbon footprint on farm.

What benefits can I as a Feed Adviser get from FAR?

A measure/record of achievement. Regular documentation from key figures in agriculture, the knowledge that you are part of an industry wide initiative, that you and your company are helping to reduce Green House Gases.

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