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Module 3

FAR Module 3 leaflet

846kb PDF

For farmers, to accompany FAR Module 3. This leaflet can be sent out to farmers when feed advisers visit farm.
If you would like to be sent some copies please contact inge.verwoerd@agindustries.org.uk

FAR - Useful link sheet - Module 3 section 2

185kb PDF

Free practical guidance for farmers, in support of the aims of FAR

FAR Overview of Environmental Policy

620kb PDF

Environmental Core Competences

Industry Approach to Water Quality

2594kb PDF

This paper summarises industry approaches that help address diffuse pollution, and proposes a conditional1 new approach for partnership working on water quality challenges, through Campaign for the Farmed Environment (CFE), professional on-farm advisers, and partner-led activity.

Ammonia Mitigation User Manual

182kb PDF

An Inventory of Methods to Control Ammonia Emissions from Agriculture

Mitigation Methods – User Guide

1148kb PDF

An Inventory of Mitigation Methods and Guide to their Effects on Diffuse Water Pollution, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Ammonia Emissions from Agriculture

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