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FAR, recognises standards of professionalism within the livestock feed supply sector – which is good news for farming systems; the environment including reducing GHG emissions.

Female adviser and calvesBenefits FAR delivers . . .

For feed advisers Recognition of their professional expertise and experience in providing high quality advice.

For feed supply companies

Independent assurance to farmers and customers that advisers are competent and provide professional feed advice that takes account of environmental considerations.

For the feed industry

Provides assurance to stakeholders that the industry’s advisers are professionals delivering advice that helps farmers produce quality livestock while taking account of environmental impacts.

For farmers

The knowledge and assurance that they are receiving sound advice from a competent professional to meet the needs of their livestock production system.

For government and other stakeholders

A recognisable scheme that will play its part in improving the sustainability of livestock production. FAR is a crucial part of the industry’s participation in the Greenhouse Gas Action Plan.

Benefits of FAR from a Feed Adviser point of view

FAR is something which I think will build a strong industry value, not just at business level but also at primary producer level.  Competent advice, source assurance and business integrity is what will help drive our agri industry forward.  FAR will benefit the entire industry by setting a benchmark standard for professional people of all ranges that can help support government targets on GHG emissions, the increased requirement for feed efficiency at farm level and improve agri-industry image from a public perspective. 

I think FAR is helping to ensure that feed advice given to UK farmers is the of the best possible level, and is helping to ensure the profession is trusted and viable. 

I believe that the Feed Advisor Register benefits the livestock industry by providing a register of suitably qualified and competent advisors to provide high quality effective advice to livestock keepers on all aspects of animal nutrition.  FAR will further improve the quality of advice available by instituting regular ongoing training and reaccreditation to ensure that all registered advisors remain current and competent.  FAR provides benefits to all members by providing a source of information for ongoing professional development, allowing advisors to gauge their level of competence and identify areas for improvement and by differentiating members from other, less qualified individuals. 

I believe FAR benefits the industry by providing members training and information to ensure members can give the correct feeding advice  in order to maintain high standards of production and also improve it. 

As such I have seen that membership of and training in the core competences for FAR have been of great benefit to the ruminant feed industry and to their clients. 

FAR is a start towards giving our profession more credibility in the eyes of producers, giving them the ability to judge whether or not to accept the advice from someone. 

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